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Women in the Workplace

The Women of Teads was a global initiative created to celebrate International Women’s Day and recognize women in the workplace who went above and beyond. The global executive team voted for who they believed stood out amongst their colleagues and created categories to highlight their achievements more specifically: Rising Stars, Emerging Leaders, Working Mothers, Team Players, and Innovators. Read about these awesome women from all over the world on Teads’ blog.

I was responsible for creating the design which was used for social media assets, imagery for emails and blog posts, a certificate and greeting card. My goal was to create something fun that showcased diversity and that was feminine without being too ‘girly.’

Clean Advertising

With the advertising industry being dirtied by a lack of trust and transparency, non-viewable ads, brand safety concerns, and cluttered ad experiences, Teads created a global ‘Clean Advertising’ campaign to take a stand and improve the advertising experience for consumers, advertisers, and publishers. I was responsible for using existing creative assets to design an assortment of collateral for events, client outreach, and advertising used to promote the campaign throughout the ad industry.

My favorite project was the drone maze shown below which was used to promote Teads’ Clean Advertising campaign at the WPP STREAM tech conference in Athens, Greece. The concept was for guests to navigate the ‘bad ad’ (drone) through the Teads ‘cleaning process’ (maze) in order to win a prize. I designed each stand (~3’x9’, 100 lbs.) front and back (artwork reversed), created custom die cut openings for the drone to fly through, and worked closely with a printer and logistics company to ensure all materials were packaged correctly, adhered to Customs’ requirements and made it to Athens intact and within the quick turnaround time.


I have worked closely with marketing, product and sales teams to transform their thoughts, visions, strategies and data into creative and compelling presentations that align with the brand identity. I am an expert at PowerPoint and have years of experience developing decks for sales pitches, RFPs, case studies and various other subjects. I have also worked closely with senior management to create decks for them to present at top ad industry events including CES, DMEXCO, Cannes, Programmatic IO, Mindshare Huddle, and more.

Beer Label

Teads Premium Pilsner was served at client events and conferences in the UK and Germany. The design was aimed to promote Teads’ Clean Advertising campaign, positioning them as the leader of premium, brand-safe, and viewable advertising solutions.

Fact Sheets & Posters

Fact sheets were something I created almost daily. These are used for prospecting, client outreach, handouts at events, and internal purposes. I worked closely with sales, product and marketing teams who drafted up the content which I then translated into a clean and creative final piece. My primary focus was to find creative ways to emphasize key information and ensure optimal visual hierarchy while aligning with brand standards or a specific theme.

Misc. Event Collateral